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Approved & Grant-ED Magazine is dedicated to bringing nonprofits, educational institutions, foundations, and government agencies all over the world into the spotlight!


We are on a mission to showcase the invaluable work of nonprofits in reducing barriers and promoting innovative practices to close unique barriers within communities. We understand that at the heart of nonprofit work is the desire to help others, and we are committed to connecting nonprofits across the globe.

Subscription Types

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Access per Issue- 6.99

Annual Subscription- $19.99


The Annual Subscription comes with the following:

  • Specials on Approved & Grant-ED

  • Free Initial Consultation

  • VIP Space for Site Members (Facebook Community) Tips on Grants & Questions About Grants

  • Each quarter receive a list of upcoming grants

  • Monthly Tips on How to Secure Grants

  • Discounts on Approved & Grant-ED Events

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