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"Putting you in a prime position to secure grant funding." 

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Ashley Scott,NonProfit Grant Writer Guru

Ashley Scott has successfully secured over $60 million in grant funding for non-profits and businesses. These funds have been instrumental in supporting the infrastructure of developing programs and expanding existing services. Additionally, she is an expert in successfully maintaining corporate compliance and monitoring, with a grant audit success rate in the 95th percentile.

Although she has worked with organizations across a broad spectrum of interests, the Approved & Grant-ED Programming, focuses on programs that support youth, families, individuals with disabilities, the elderly, those experiencing homelessness, veterans, churches, and initiatives related to health care and education.

The Approved & Grant-ED Program is dedicated to putting your organization in a Prime Position to secure grant funding! 


Grow Your Nonprofit's
Vision With

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I want to be Approved & Grant-ED!

Upcoming Workshops


Grant Writing Trainings

Get ready to level up your grant writing skills and learn how to secure funding for your projects. This in-person in beautiful cities across the United States.

This workshop will delve into the following key areas that can enhance your nonprofit organization:

  • Defining Need and Competitive Analysis

  • Methodology

  • Data

  • Goals and Impact

  • Budget

  • Peer Review

We are going to unveil several special tips for grant writing and reveal an exciting surprise that you definitely won't want to miss!

Embark on your journey to master grant writing with the Approved & Grant-ED Grant Writing Bootcamp!

VALUED AT $2,295

Magazine Publication(Approved & Grant-ED)


Approved & Grant-ED also covers a range of topics which all are essential to nonprofit leaders and staff.

  • Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Work-life Balance

  • Blogging

  • Marketing and Social Media

  • Technology

  • Legal

  • Self-care

  • Health

  • Fundraising

  • Human Resources

  • Productivity

  • Product and Service Development

  • Money Management

  • Inspirational Success Stories

We are on a mission to showcase the invaluable work of nonprofits in reducing barriers and promoting innovative practices to close unique barriers within communities. We understand that at the heart of nonprofit work is the desire to help others, and we are committed to connecting nonprofits across the globe.

Client Testimonials

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Ashley is a tireless, dynamic leader who specialized in aligning my vision with funding resources. Without hesitation I would work with her again! Together she secured over $10.9 Million in grant funding for the agency.



Mrs. Scott has secured several grant proposals for our Non-Profit organization. She was instrumental in placing our vision from thought to on paper. 



I had the absolute pleasure of working with Mrs. Scott.

She was extremely knowledgeable and developed the proposals for us to secure over $3.5 million in grant funding. 

Anita Whitby Davis.jpg


Our organization was allocated $80K in funding with the assistance of Ashley Scott. After presenting the committee made the decision to award our organization an additional $20K for a total of $100K to support rural communities. 



From start to finish Mrs. Scott provided high quality professional development and assisted us in the successful implementation of our grant program. She was very helpful in providing internal controls for building out our compliance. With her assistance we were able to have successful state-level monitoring compliance. 



Ashley Scott is a force! She was able to not only secure grant millions in funding for our organization, but she was also able to assist us in completing grant reimbursements, totaling nearly

$1.3 Million.  She also assisted us in successfully passing our monitoring programs.

Grow Your Vision With Us!

Putting You in a Prime positon to secure grant funding!

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